Jacqu'in the Box Coming Back during Covid restrictions!

If you are still isolating or as yet not ready to come back to in person classes then please join My Facebook group Jacqu’in the Box TV for FREE online Musical fun sessions!

We are now all set for our return to in person sessions in Berkhamsted and Gerrards Cross.

We have carried out full risk assessments and in conjunction with our brilliant venues we have ensured that classes are able to go ahead with adaptation and social distancing achieved by having limited numbers in classes and stringent sanitization procedures.

Whilst we can never guarantee 100% protection we have followed all the measures suggested to ensure our very best safety.

The responsibility also falls with each individual to please ensure you do not turn up for a class if you or any member of your family has symptoms or feels unwell/has a temperature.

Please only arrive with one adult per family. Extra adults will not be able to come into the classroom due to restrictions on numbers.

Please limit the personal items you bring into class to those items absolutely necessary.

Please use the provided sanitizer and/or wash hands upon arrival.

Please vacate the building as quickly as possible after your class and do not linger having conversations with other parents until outside the building.

All adults must wear a face mask to enter and exit the building and in all the public areas…corridors and toilet facilities.

The wearing of face masks is not necessary whilst the session takes place as parents/carers are required to join in with the activities and aid keeping the children as contained as is practically possible with small children.

Please ensure your child/children only use their own provided by Jacqui props and return them to the large wash bucket at the end of the session.



IN PERSON…Yippeeee!

Small family group Birthday celebrations are possible at your home or garden.

Depending on space and the ability to space out the guests to be socially distant and remain in their family bubbles.

Private parties/ social gatherings are still not permitted however you can have an organised event with full risk assessment provided by an appointed organiser.

If you require a venue which has not yet opened for private Birthday Parties then you may be able to book your venue through Jacqu’in the Box as your event organiser.

I will provide your chosen venue with a full risk assessment.

It will be best to limit the number of guests and encourage adults to drop off and collect especially for children of full time school age.

Numbers are best kept at below 30 people present including all adults and children and me.

Open food buffets are not allowed and it is best to provide pre prepared individual food and drink boxes per child.


  “Jacqu’in the Box” can still offer Zoom Birthday parties as well as In Person parties

Now booking to end of July 2021

“Jacqui hosted my Daughters Frozen themed 4th birthday party last weekend. My daughter and all her friends really enjoyed it! They were all up dancing to the songs, and really loved seeing each other. I’d definitely recommend! – Zoom action packed games, singing and dancing parties!”


Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon and some weekday slots 4.30pm to 6.30pm are available for in person parties!

I run Musical Storytelling adventure parties for ages 1 to 6 years and ALSO Slime Creation Parties for ages 4 to 12 years!

Available for in person parties at your home or community venue OR Online Zoom Parties. The parties on Zoom last one and a half hours. The in person parties I am also with you for two hours usually breaking midway for the children to eat.

IN PERSON…I come to your home/venue/garden. Covid restrictions must be adhered to and I run them following the current GOVT guidelines for clubs as such we may have maximum 30 people present including all adults and children and me in a large garden….numbers may be increased according to the community venue’s own number allowances.

I will do a risk assessment with you before the party date.


In person parties at your home maximum 30 people present including all adults and children subject to space and ability to socially distance guests within their own family bubbles £160 for one hour of games and music £220 for one and a half hour party (children eat half way through) with me in character costume.


Once lockdown is over and subject to the Gov’t guidelines, I will be able to operate Slime parties at your home or venue or garden.

I operate the parties using the Government new guide as clubs/workshops and you may have up to 15 children present plus me.

I will send you a risk assessment prior to the party.

Parents must drop off and collect where possible to minimise persons present.

Covid regulations are strictly adhered to. There is no sharing of ingredients or props.


£220 for up to 15 children £10 per extra child. Includes a sweet cone each.

Please note the Private Zoom slime parties are more expensive for me than the in person parties as all the ingredients are sent out whereas in person parties I take home, sanitize and recycle all the equipment used.

Plus preparation and delivery prior to the party date takes a lot of extra time.

An alternative to consider is having a Public Slime Workshop and invite the amount of friends you require.

Others will be present too however we can still sing Happy Birthday and make the Birthday child feel special.

Public Zoom Workshops cost £14 per child

(sweet cones are not included in the public workshop price but can be added at £2 per child) 

Slime ingredients are delivered to the Birthday child’s house 2 days prior to the party. They take home /keep the slime created.

All you have to do is send me your guests names and I’ll set it all up for you and will design a personalised electronic invitation for you to send out!