We are back for weekly Musical Storytelling Adventure Classes and Babies Sensory Storytelling Classes!

Now in Amersham, Berkhamsted, Chalfont St. Peter and Gerrards Cross.

Jacqu'in the Box will now also be focused on offering Special Events and Birthday Parties

Party bookings are now in full swing!

I am accepting bookings up to the end of July 2022.

It is never too early to secure your date and slot!


Visit the News page to find the Timetable and choose your options!

About Me

It’s hard to believe that “Jacqu’in the Box” has now been going strong and entertaining babies and toddlers at weekly classes since 1999!

I started the fun drop-in babies music sessions up when my own children were 4 years old, 2 years old and 5 months old!
George is now a whopping 24 year old who towers above me with size 11 feet, Robert is 22 and Henry, my little guinea pig for the classes back in 1999, is now 20 and has just become a Daddy to my beautiful Granddaughter Isla-Rae!

I was first introduced to music classes for kids when George was 18 months old and decided to put his name down for a group whereby the fees were paid for the whole term in advance and the classes ended for the school holidays.

I found it quite hard to find the money in a big lump sum to pay for these classes, having given up my full time job as an Air-hostess with Britannia Airways. George was still not in a set routine.

On some days he would sleep mid morning and some days mid afternoon. I certainly did not feel like interrupting any of his sleep periods as these afforded me the luxury of time to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, or a chance to tidy up the mayhem in my house!

George attended these baby classes for one term only. Even though I could tell that he loved the music and the chance to play instruments, he was far too young to grasp the concept of sitting still and listening to the teacher and consequently I would sit and get agitated and embarrassed if George wanted to get up and wander about.

I was quite an over protective mother at that time, as when George was just 17 months old I went in to labour at 36 weeks with his brother, but by some cruel act of nature the placenta detached whilst Harry was still inside and after he had been delivered by emergency caesarean he only survived for 48 minutes.

Somehow this made George even more special than I already knew that he was and I was determined that any groups that I took him to would first and fore-mostly be a tremendous amount of fun.

This is what “Jacqu’in the Box children’s entertainment is all about! Felicity Grace, my daughter was born on 4th October 2010 and her arrival has injected a whole new lease of fun and life and inspiration into my special events and given me greter ideas to expand my parties!

Pricing Information

Pre-book Themed Musical Storytelling Adventure Sessions for  to  (0-6 years)

Prices vary according to the type of event and these will usually include a little gift bag/ activity pack for each child:

£10/12 per child
£5/7 siblings

(These rates also apply to registered childminders extra children have sibling rate)

For more information regarding the pop up adventure sessions, please see the weekly sessions page. If you would would like further information regarding childrens entertainment services for parties, events, etc; please visit the childrens parties page.