An Online Gut health reset plan designed to teach you how to overhaul your wellness and transport you from feeling lethargic, bloated and fed up to feeling energetic and VIBRANT!
This is for you if:
  • Are you perimenopausal or menopausal and suffering with confusing symptoms that are causing you anxiety?
  • Are you struggling with poor sleep and exhaustion?
  • Do you find yourself having irrational mood fluctuations?
  • Are you suffering with digestive issues like bloating, constipation or diarrhoea?
  • Do you have skin issues with breakouts or patchy dry skin or rosacea?
  • Are your nails and hair very brittle?
  • Do you have inflammation and aching joints?
  • Are you struggling to lose weight?
So how can I help you?
It was not so very long ago when I was feeling all of the above!
Hello! I’m Jacqui and I’m 54 years old.

I’ve always had an unhealthy relationship with food and since a teenager have tried umpteen very dubious ways to stay slim/ lose weight and keep fit!

It all began at secondary school where I was told that I had “Thunder thighs”

I embarked on a very destructive course of yo yo diets, extreme manic exercise regimes, powering up a Slendertone machine to it’s highest point and trying desperately to reduce the size of my body!

I was not at all large but in my head I felt huge and spent several years suffering with bulimia.

My teenage years, twenties and thirties were all dogged by thoughts that my body should look a different way than it did.

Never once did I stop to think of what was going on inside my body. I just focused on the way it looked from the outside!

How I wish I’d had a plan like this back then and could have save myself so many years of anxiety!

Fast forward to the age of 44. I had become a single mum with three adult sons and one daughter and then perimenopause hit me. I realised all those years before that I’d actually looked amazing but now the struggles to combat aging and lowering Oestrogen levels were the real issue.

I wanted my daughter to be saved from feeling the way I had felt.

I had an epiphany and realised that my focus needed to be on what was going on INSIDE my body and not OUTSIDE and from that moment everything changed.

When I began to take care of and nurture my gut health then my whole wellbeing started to change physically, mentally and emotionally.

My daughter is now thirteen and I have two grandaughters.

I have navigated menopause and come out the other side all naturally.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping women learn about all the things that it took me such a long while to fathom and save years of painful suffering and stress.

What can I find inside the Thrive in 30 Programme?
All you need to learn how to Thrive!
  • Get back your energy and mental focus
  • Lose the bloat
  • Have radiant skin,healthy thick hair and strong nails
  • Learn about the workings of your body
  • Feel supported throughout the whole process and beyond
  • Find out how to nurture your body for life
  • Feel your best self
Don’t just take my word for it…
Here are some words from clients who have been through Thrive in 30
“I was desperate to lose the bloated feeling constantly accumulating around my middle and the lethargy that I succumbed to numerous times per day and supplemented with sugary snacks and caffeine.

After a few days I began to feel the benefits and was delighted. My clothes were feeling looser and my energy levels were rising. Foods I’d felt dependent on weren’t suddenly part of my diet and I was coping….and loving it! My skin felt better and I honestly felt glowing.

Fabulou plan and so happy I was introduced to it!”

“I started this programme in early 2020after being at the point of burnout. My moods were low, my digestion was erratic, I was uncomfortable in my bodyand how I looked. I never slept well.

This programme showed me what was missing from my life. Far more than I could ever have imagined. Not only do I love cooking now, ny teen sons are benefitting from my new knowledge! I had way more energy which increased my passion for my job!”

Find Your Programme
Each Set Below Includes:
  • LIFETIME access to the Thrive App – created by a Naturopathic Nutritionist, 2 Drs, a Mindset Coach & a Personal Trainer
  • A 1-1 consultation with me – we will asses your goals & I will help you know exactly what is necessary for you to reach them
  • Hundreds of recipes, shopping lists, portion guides, cheat sheets & supplement advice
  • On Demand home based workouts including Pilates, HIIT, Breathwork, lean muscle building plans & yoga, created by fitness professionals
  • FREE Access to the BeWell Members Club – a wellness collective with free daily mindset coaching
  • A 4 week educational course on gut health, blood sugar regulation, toxicity & mindset
  • Full accountability & an amazing community to keep you on track
  • Stress management tools & nervous system support
  • A women’s resources section helping you understand how to support your hormones
  • 1-1 coaching with weekly zoom checkins and support (*GOLD PACKAGE ONLY*)
  • A supplement stack to support gut health, hormone balance, energy, detoxification & mood
Healthy Habits


Most Popular
Price: £161
  • 1x FeelFit/Simply1 plant based protein
  • 1x Ginseng Energy Fizz Sticks
  • 1x CleanTox Herbal Tea
  • 1x GutHealth Digestion & Microbiome Support
Green Gut Glow


3 in 1 Glwo Drink
Price: £190
  • 1x BeWell Superfood Greens
  • 1x Skin Elixir Collagen Builder
  • 1x GutHealth Digestion & Microbiome Support

Choose one another option:

  • FeelFit/Simply1 plant based protein
  • Ginseng Energy Fizz Sticks
  • CleanTox Gentle Cleanse
  • Inner Calm Adaptogenic De-Stress Powder
  • Mind Health Focus Super Powder
  • Any TrueSport workout supplement
30 Days to Healthy Living


Full reset
Price: £279
  • 2x FeelFit/Simply1 plant based protein
  • 2x Ginseng Energy Fizz Sticks
  • 2x CleanTox Herbal Tea
  • 1x GutHealth Digestion & Microbiome Support

Choose 2 out of 3:

  • CleanTox Gentle Cleanse
  • GutHealth Prebiotic Fibre
  • BeWell Superfood Greens
  • Inner Calm Adaptogenic De-Stress Powder (US only)
Frequently Asked Questions
I have food intolerances/preferences - can I still do the programme?
Totally fine, the program is designed to be suitable for vegans/meat eaters, and all recipes are gluten free and dairy free. Any other intolerances or preferences will be catered for to ensure you are eating foods you enjoy!
What if I don’t get the results I want?
We are so confident that you will see results that I will give you a FULL REFUND up to 90 days after your purchase, no questions asked.
Does it involve cutting carbs?
Absolutely not! We provide you with lists of the best carbs to eat and the kinds of portion sizes that will suit your goals. No macronutrient is banned in this program.
Do I have to count calories, syns or points?
No, this is not a point style diet. This is a program that is there to help you know how to eat for the rest of your life. You are provided with tools to help you know how and what to eat for life.
Am I going to be hungry?
No – this is not about eating less, it is about eating right. In fact for most women who come into the program, we encourage them to eat more to fuel up their metabolism and support their hormones.